There’s something about doing hair & makeup for women that drives me. There’s nothing like having someone else pamper you.

A fun fact about me that you probably know if your a client or friend. Doing my own makeup is blah to me, but doing it to another human is art. I don’t criticize you the way that YOU criticize you.

Sit down with me and let me show you what you need to start seeing in yourself. The beautiful person you are! I truly believe Everyone is absolutely gorgeous in their own way!Let me be the girl to cheer you on and be your hype girl! It could be a date night with your significant other, it could be a photo shoot for yourself, it could be a concert that your excited about, an event with friends or family, or maybe your going out on the town with some friends- Any reason is a reason to sit down with me and practice some self love and care! I promise to listen and to hear you during your session.

Whatever your reason is to get your nails done, grab a coffee, take a hot shower or bath, get some retail therapy- I’m part of that reason! You’ll get the luxury of sitting down in my studio in a comfortable and relaxing setting with some time for yourself and come out looking like a rockstar!


Barefoot Soul Beauty

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